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Volunteers invited to share Covid-19 experience with Stockport NHS research team

Volunteers invited to share Covid-19 experience with Stockport NHS research team
Posted – 14 Sep 2021

The research and innovation team at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust are calling for local people to take part in an international survey looking at the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and experience.

Now that restrictions are easing, it will be interesting to know how people feel about things opening up and how this affects their mental health and wellbeing.

The study, which is available online and open to anyone over 16, aims to explore the impact coronavirus and changing restrictions are having and will continue to have on our emotions, behaviour and wellbeing. As the country takes each step of the government roadmap, which has already seen delays, continuing to study how people are reacting and coping plays an important part in shaping how the NHS responds.

In the UK, the survey is being led by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Portsmouth, with the support of other trusts across the country, including Stockport NHS Foundation Trust which runs Stepping Hill Hospital and local NHS community services in the area.

Mirroring the truly global scale of the pandemic, the study is also being shared by partners across the world, including, Canada, India, Greece, Singapore and Holland amongst others. The study aims to not only look at how the virus has impacted on our own mental health across the UK but then compare it to others from different countries. 

With over 350 sites across the UK and dozens across the globe already running the survey, it is hoped the study will provide researchers and the NHS with a much wider view of how the pandemic and changing restrictions have affected people. This data can then be used to adapt and improve our responses to future crisis, allowing a more personalised approach to psychological support. 

Wiesia Woodyatt (pictured), Research and Innovation Manager for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic, and the restrictions which have gone with it, has had an unprecedented impact on people globally. It is vitally important to find out what psychological impact this has had on people so that we can assess the support that people need, and that includes people in Stockport too.  If you can spare ten minutes to take part in the study, it would be really appreciated.”

To take part in the survey click this link, and select ‘Stockport NHS Foundation Trust’ when prompted as to where you heard about the research.



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