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Stockport chef to open new bakery and deli

Posted – 20 Jul 2021

Sam Buckley, the Stockport chef behind the Where The Light Gets In restaurant, has revealed plans to open a new bakery and deli in the town centre.

Yellowhammer will be a collaboration between the chef, baker Rosie Wilkes and potter Joe Hartley and is set to open at 15 Lower Hillgate on August 25th as a bakery, deli, pottery and evening pizzeria and wine bar.

The bakery will continue Where The Light Gets In’s commitment to local and season products, which earned the restaurant a coveted Green Michelin Star for its sustainability credentials. While the restaurant was closed during the coronavirus pandemic, its Rostron Brow space was repurposed to sell bread and local products (pictured) in response to supermarket shortages.

Using organic flour, grain-grown and milled in the UK, Yellowhammer will support small farms who prioritise flavour in their crops and biodiversity on their land, and will work to re-establish links between farmers, millers and bakers.

Large crusty sourdough loaves will be available as a whole, half or quarter alongside baguettes and sourdough rye bread. A range of sweet and savoury buns will be baked daily, as well as breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and a changing selection of cookies, pies and tarts.

Pizza and natural wine nights are also on the menu for select Friday and Saturday evenings, with vinyl records and some special music guests.

Joe Hartley’s Left, Right and Centre is responsible for the pottery arm of the establishment, and will split its time between design, production, both for retail and use within the deli, and the sharing of skills; the space will open its doors to the wider community with scheduled workshops to share insights into ceramics.



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