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musicMagpie: first business in the world to achieve 10m reviews on eBay

Posted – 09 Oct 2019

The UK’s number one phone recycler, Stockport based musicMagpie, has become the first business in the world to have achieved 10m reviews on eBay. The international business has undergone a significant transformation since being founded in a garage in Stockport, UK, 12 years ago, from the buying and selling of CDs, DVDs, and video games, to now focusing on consumer technology, such as smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, wearables and game consoles. The business is set to exceed £130m in Group revenue this year, and has seen accelerated growth since the introduction of its consumer technology offering and also establishing its US business, Decluttr which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Steve Oliver, co-Founder and CEO of musicMagpie, said:
“The business has grown significantly again in the past few years and we are immensely proud to have achieved 10 million global reviews on eBay. “We have customers from as far afield as Australia and the Falkland Islands who have chosen to give us positive feedback, and that means a great deal to us and is testament to breadth of the customer base that selling on eBay allows us to access. It gives us confidence in our business proposition and really solidifies the trust we have gained as a brand that’s recognised worldwide. “We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the support of our eBay selling team, and the in-house team here in Stockport, who work obsessively to ensure we are providing the best service to our customers here in the UK and globally and we are extremely grateful to both our colleagues and trading partners at eBay for making this happen”
Murray Lambell, eBay UK Vice President of Trading, said:
“We are incredibly proud to see musicMagpie surpass ten million global reviews. It’s a huge achievement and a fitting testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.”
Just this year, musicMagpie won a number of industry accolades including ‘Best Phone Recycler’ at the Mobile News Awards, Tech Radar’s Mobile Choice Awards, and even the What Mobile Awards (for the third year in a row). In addition to all of its successes this year, the brand achieved 100,000 reviews on Trustpilot, becoming one of only a handful of brands worldwide to do so.