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Have you signed up to free Wi-Fi in Stockport ?

Totally Free WiFi in Stockport
Posted – 13 Dec 2018

The first phase of free Wi-Fi in Stockport is getting the town centre Totally Connected

Visitors to Stockport town centre can now enjoy FREE Wi-Fi thanks to a new initiative from Totally Stockport, the organization behind Stockport’s Business Improvement District.

The first of a number of stages in the digital rollout, the Wi-Fi will be provided free to anyone who visits the town centre and signs up, keeping you connected whilst saving your own data!

You can sign up for alerts about car parking, special offers and promotions from retailers in the town centre and be kept up-to-date with news of what’s on and a guide to the latest events or just enjoy free Wi-Fi.

When visitors and shoppers enter the free town centre Wi-Fi zone that includes Stockport Exchange, Mersey Square, Prince’s Street, Market Place and Underbanks, they just need to sign up.

Paul Taylor, Totally Stockport BID manager explains how it works:

“When you enter the zone, ‘Totally Free WiFi’ will pop up on your mobile device. You will then be able to register for a free account through a simple form or social media login.

“As well as getting everyone connected, by offering free Wi-Fi we can ensure that users can keep up-to-date with their families and friends too, without using up great chunks of their personal data allowance”.

Being a connected town will enrich the visitor experience and increase opportunities for the town centre to connect with visitors.

Paul added:

“Being a connected town is so important in this age of social media and online communities. Giving visitors free Wi-Fi in the town centre provides yet another positive experience and a big benefit for everyone coming into Stockport.  and coming into the town centre.

“Once we have a fully digitally connected town we can do so much to enhance the visitor experience”



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