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Giant Leap Art Trail for Stockport Frogs

Stockport frogs - a giant leap for Stockport
Posted – 23 May 2019

A unique Art Trail featuring giant frogs is being billed as a Giant Leap for Stockport and will be hopping into the town centre this summer.

From June 29th, Stockport’s Business Improvement District, Totally Stockport, is celebrating Stockport’s future with the launch of a unique and engaging brand new Art Trail, something that Stockport has never seen before – Stockport Frogs.

Stockport’s £1bn regeneration plan is set to pave the way for investment, development and growth. A giant leap forward for Stockport, creating exciting opportunities for business and a destination of choice for residents and visitors.

Although not yet officially launched, this project has already attracted media interest on both a regional and national scale.

‘Stockport’s Giant Leap Forward’ – showcasing Stockport.

Giant frogs will be leaping onto giant lily pads strategically located throughout the town centre, creating an engaging and vibrant, outdoor art trail attracting thousands of people from across the region. People from all ages and backgrounds, from businesses, schools and community groups will be attracted to discover the trail and explore the town to seek out all the frogs.

The project is designed to increase town centre footfall, to promote Stockport, to support local youth community – tomorrow’s giant leapers.

Sponsor a frog and get your business noticed

Each frog is unique, designed by local artists, schools and community groups and sponsored by local businesses.  

This is great opportunity for businesses to support a community project and get their business noticed:  outdoor advertising with a difference and a unique PR opportunity for business across multi-channels.

Stockport’s Giant Leap has its own dedicated website, printed trails to follow and marketing campaign.

Frogs will be auctioned for charity in October to create Giant Leap legacy fund

  • Showcasing all that is new about Stockport
  • Sharing Stockport’s history, architecture and heritage
  • UA unique visitor attraction to bring footfall into the town centre
  • A Public / Private sector collaborative project
  • Inclusive project to include businesses, community groups, schools
  • Social media opportunity across all channels
  • PR campaign
  • Nurturing a sense of Pride in Stockport
  • Fundraising & revenue generating opportunity
  • Golden Frog – spot the Golden Frog at a location / business near you!
  • Follow the Giant Leap Forward trail – great additional exposure – fun
  • Merchandising – give-aways / sell frogs / promotional items

An Exciting project for Stockport! 



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