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Britain’s Got Talent Siobhan Phillips stars at Stockport Plaza

Posted – 11 Feb 2020

Siobhan Phillips, who wowed audiences as the only female finalist in Britain’s Got Talent 2019, is going to be appearing at Stockport Plaza on Wednesday 26th February

Siobhan Phillips burst onto our screens in 2019, as the only woman finalist in Britain’s Got Talent, but also exhibiting part of her repertoire which involved tales of toddler tantrums from her own daughter. As she begins her own tour, we discover her memories of comedy and music go back to younger than her daughter is now, as she says.

“A cliché I know but I could sing before I could walk or even talk properly! Always a musical house, Dad played guitar, Mum sang, and always did household chores accompanied by the sounds of ABBA, Neil Diamond or Roy Orbison.”

As for her memories of comedy:

“I grew up in the early 80s and I distinctly remember watching Television at my Grandparents house every Saturday evening. I look back now and recognise a similar comedy style in myself and the acts I saw from such an early age……..Cannon and Ball, Les Dawson, Dame Edna, The Grumbleweeds to name but a few.”

Many girls through the years have had crushes on popstars, and as Siobhan tells us her crush was also the artist in her first pop concert.

“The first concert I ever went to was at the Harrogate Conference Centre. I can remember how excited I felt at the fact my Dad was taking me to see my idol at the time, Shakin’ Stevens! I was 8 years old and I don’t think any concert since has even come close to being as good!”

But when it comes to now and who her dream duet partner would be, it isn’t Shakin’:

“Tom Jones. No question about it!”

She started her career at the age of 16 taking to the road playing gigs up and down the UK which was a tough apprenticeship but invaluable experience in dealing with audiences. Her first brush with television was in 2003, it was also the first time she had any singing coaching as she says,

“I’ve never had any formal vocal training apart from a few tips when I was on the “Operatunity” program. I’m very lucky to have a natural voice and that I’m able to breath correctly instinctively.”

Following her appearance on television many offers for work came in and saw Siobhan swap clubs for cruise liners and she toured the world entertaining guests onboard. It was this time that she was reminded of when I asked her what her favourite activity was if she spent a day not singing.

“I would read. I don’t read anywhere near as much as I used to since I had my daughter. I used to read a book a day when I was at sea to pass the time and I also found it extremely therapeutic. Now I generally read bedtime stories using different accents and voices, another string to my bow!”

Speaking of her talents, she has appeared as a guest on “This Morning”, “Loose Women”, “Lorraine” and “Good Morning Britain”, each time custom-writing amusing songs in a matter of minutes, all about the shows’ presenters. How easy is it for her to come up with these songs on the spur of the moment?” Working out comedy ditties on the spot can be easy or challenging…..it really depends on the kind of day I’m having as to how quickly my brain is functioning! If the subject is familiar, then it’s much easier.”

Siobhan has said how her comedy is influenced by programmes she saw as a child. If she could pick 3 celebrities, to child mind while she and her husband goes out who would she pick?

“I think it’s more important than ever in today’s world to teach young women that there’s more to them than how beautiful or thin they are…..so with that in mind, I’d choose Maya Angelou so she could impart some of her wise words, Boudicca to teach her how to stand up for herself and then George Ezra because she absolutely loves his music and sings ‘shotgun’ relentlessly over and over and over!”

With her new celebrity status is there a show she would love to do?

“I would love to be asked to do celebrity X factor to showcase my real voice.”

Speaking of which, she has toured the world on cruise liners, but where would be a dream venue for her tour to go one day?

“If I could choose the ultimate venue it would have to be the Royal Albert Hall. The epitome of ‘making it’ is appearing there.”

The Royal Albert Hall is a nice choice, the amphitheatre layout meaning, as jazz singer Clare Teal told me “It seats six thousand people but is so intimate you feel you could reach each one of them”. That feeling of friendliness and freshness is something Siobhan looks for in her performances on this tour as she told me: –

 “Live and Unhinged” will be a chance for me to show the audience every facet of my personality. It will also introduce them to my other talent for singing serious songs as well as the comedic ones they saw on BGT. I aim to make it almost as if they were all gathered in my front room at home, chatting away like old friends about lots of subjects. I doubt any two shows will be the same as I like to be spontaneous and not too scripted.”

Tickets for the show are available via www.siobhanphillips.co.uk/tour, the venues directly and by searching Siobhan Phillips on Ticketmaster.