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Artists invited to deliver Market Place and Underbanks street art trail

Experienced artists invited to deliver Market Place and Underbanks street art trail
Posted – 06 Apr 2021

Stockport Council is inviting local artists to manage and deliver a series of art installations that will form the first phase of a street art trail in Stockport town centre.

The Council is looking to hear from collectives, organisations and individuals with experience of working on high-quality, unique and place specific art installations as well as local and emerging artists. 

The project will include up to 4 sites in the Market Place and Underbanks conservation area in Stockport Old Town. These art installations should have a strong focus on storytelling and linkages to the history of the area. Varying in location, size and surface material, the street installations may feature anything from large scale murals to smaller interventions. The Council is looking to ensure the project is driven by the voices of as diverse a spectrum of artistic styles and lived experience as possible, including a cross-genre range of street art and mural styles.

Sites selected for the street art are on Great Underbank, Royal Oak Yard, Lower Hillgate and Little Underbank.

Applicants are invited to respond to the brief, by submitting a 2-page proposal outlining how they meet the requirements of the role. The closing date for submissions is 30th April at 5pm. Submissions will evaluated by representatives from the council, Totally Stockport, the Arc Centre and the Writing Squad.

The trail will form part of the council’s £7 million investment into the Underbanks, historic Market Hall and Market Place areas of Stockport Town Centre.

Further information about the project, including a more in-depth brief and details about the application process and budget, is available from the Stockport Council website.



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