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A Spot of Cricket is Coming to The Plaza!

Jimmy Cricket at Stockport Plaza
Posted – 08 Jan 2020

Cricket is coming to the Plaza in Stockport on Sunday 19th January for a 2.30pm performance. It will be Jimmy Cricket and without the R & L Wellie’s – the comedian who will be headlining in his comedy play, ‘No More Fiffing and Faffing.’

Jimmy Cricket is one of the UK’s most loved Irish comedians, having made a host of television and radio appearances throughout the last five decades. Once an adoptive local member of the community, Jimmy moved to Stockport in the early 70s and lived in Heaton Moor.  

Jimmy is looking forward to appearing at the Plaza with Jonathan Young, actor and singer, with the John Stokes Bachelors for 22 years who also earned rave reviews at The Cannes Film Festival playing the leading role in, “The Van Boys”, and Colin Meredith who has worked extensively on television in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Poirot, Mount Pleasant and many other productions.

Jimmy said, “It’s great to be visiting once again the town of Stockport, and appearing at such a great theatre as the iconic Plaza. Ted the General Manager who has established the Theatre as one of the best in the North West, remembers coming with his Mum to see me in Devon when he was just a boy, and has helped and performed in various sketches on stage with me over the years here at the Plaza, as we hope he will do this coming Sunday 19th January!”     

“For this visit I am really thrilled the price of a ticket has been kept to a really affordable level. This is because I know how expensive it is to take a family out anywhere these days, as, ‘No More Fiffing and Faffing’, is a family show!”

Here we see Joe Fiffen and Jerry Faffen (the double act who have been together for 36years on stage), perform, then we follow them to the Dressing Room where they settle old scores! Luckily Stage Manager Archie Gibbons is on hand to sort things out, enabling the boys to perform all their best routines for their loyal fans at their Swan Song Show! Jimmy said, “It will be an emotional and fun packed night!”

Tickets can be purchased from the Plaza theatre Box Office on: 0161 477 7779 or online at the theatre’s website.



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