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8th June: Today’s latest coronavirus news

Posted – 08 Jun 2021



Total UK Cases: 4,522,476 positive tests
Latest UK daily figure: 
5,683 new cases
Number in UK hospital: 
932 (22 fewer than previous day)
New deaths across UK: 1
Total UK deaths: 127,841
England Cases per 100,000: 
18 per 100,000
R number in UK: 
1.0 to 1.2

Vaccine data:

Total 1st doses given: 40,460,576
Total 2nd doses: 27,661,353
Daily 1st doses: 127,345
Daily 2nd doses: 259,941

There have been over 4.5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and more than 127,800 people have died. 1 new Covid-related death was announced in the UK yesterday, Monday. More than 66.5 million vaccine doses have been received across the UK and nearly 40.5 million people have had their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine – 76% of all adults.
Over 27 million people have had both their first and second jab, 50.2% of all adults.  
People aged 25 and over are being invited to have a first jab and the focus has shifted to offer over 50s a second vaccine within 8 weeks rather than 12. The average number of daily infections in the UK is rising in some areas, fuelled by the Indian variant, with 5,683 new cases announced by the government yesterday, Wednesday.  

The R value and growth rate in England
The latest reproduction number (R) and growth rate of coronavirus (COVID-19):
The R range for England is 1.0 to 1.2 and the growth rate range for England is 0% to +3% per day as of 4 June 2021. Following the announcement of plans to ease of lockdown, the roadmap can be found in full here.   

Slides, datasets and transcripts to accompany coronavirus press conferences


People aged 25 and over invited for Covid vaccine
If you are aged 25 or over or will turn 25 before 1st July, you can apply to have your Covid vaccination now. People at high risk may also book a vaccine appointment.

(COVID-19) Coronavirus restrictions: what you can and cannot do
Coronavirus restrictions remain in place. Find out what you can and cannot do – added guidance for people living in areas with variants of concern.

Greater Manchester and Lancs set for travel ban
The whole of Greater Manchester and Lancashire could move to an “enhanced response area” because of a rise in Covid-19 cases, reports suggest published by the Manchester Evening News. Under the new rules, there would be no change to restrictions, but residents will be asked to “reconsider non-essential travel”. Greater Manchester is also poised to get extra vaccinations, military support and a school mask-wearing rule to drive down Covid rates, according to the Manchester Evening News, as numbers have begun doubling week-on-week in most areas and hospital admissions have started to rise. The move is likely to come with the same travel guidance currently in place for Bolton and Blackburn issued last month, which warned people to ‘minimise’ travel in and out of the area.
Stockport, Salford, and Manchester have now been identified among the top five areas in the country which have seen the biggest week-on-week rise in infections. And out of the top twelve places with the highest rates in the country, five of those are currently in Greater Manchester. 
In Stockport, cases have risen by 183% to 166 per 100,000 in the last week.

Less than 30 days to apply for EU Settlement schemeFrom today, there are only 30 days to go until the deadline of 30 June 2021for applications to be made to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). All EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members who were resident in the UK by 31 December 2020, should apply without delay so that they can continue to work, study, and access free healthcare and benefits in the UK after 30 June 2021. 


Latest Stockport data:

Total Stockport cases: 22,081 to 7 June
Cases in the latest week: 487 (28 May to 3 June), +315 more cases than previous 7 days
Total deaths: 723 to May 21st
Cases per 100,000: 166 per 100,000 week ending 3 june
R number in North West: 1.0 – 1.2

Stockport vaccine data:                  

1st dose: 75% of adults to 6 June
2nd dose: 54%

Scroll down for the latest Coronavirus Grant news for Stockport based businesses


Businesses invited to share views in improving walk and cycle ways
Stockport Council has launched a public consultation on proposals to make journeys on foot and by bike easier when travelling around Edgeley and Stockport town centre. Proposals form part of the Bee Network of 1,800 miles of walking and cycling routes being delivered across Greater Manchester to help make active travel safer and a genuine alternative to the car.  Once complete, the network will be the UK’s largest joined-up system of walking and cycling routes.

Overhaul approved for Manchester’s iconic Kendals
Ambitious plans to transform Manchester’s iconic Kendals department store into offices and ground floor shopping have got the thumbs up from city planners. The Grade II former House of Fraser building in Deansgate, said to be the country’s oldest department store, will be completely overhauled and fitted with a two-storey rooftop extension.

Official launch for Northern Land Agency
A new company with a focus on the North’s residential land market has launched. The Northern Land Agency is the brainchild of Steven Verity and John Dunlop, who have 50 years of experience within the North-West housebuilding industry.
“Northern Land Agency is perfectly placed to know where land is, what it’s worth and who will decide its future,” said Dunlop. “Combined with an understanding of the needs of developers and investors, the end result is always the same: the delivery of deal structures and business plans that work perfectly for both.”

Singapore Airlines to resume flights between Manchester and Singapore
A week after the Airline celebrated its 50th anniversary of flying from the UK, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is to resume its nonstop Manchester-Singapore route, beginning on 17th July 2021. Initially, the flight will operate three times weekly to and from Singapore, with an A350-900 aircraft but it is hoped that in time, this can gradually increase and also include the return of the westbound transatlantic connection to Houston, USA.  The Airline had been the airport’s longest serving long-haul carrier, having operated continuously since 1986, until the Covid-19 pandemic forced 98% of its flights globally to be grounded last year.  



HMRC: Financial support for business

  • a reminder of the 14?? ?June deadline for submitting your May Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) claims
  • details of changes to the CJRS from July
  • the 21?? ?June deadline for joining the online VAT deferral new payment scheme.

To find out what other financial support may be available for you and your business during this time, search ‘find coronavirus financial support’ on GOV??.UK.

  1. Submit your CJRS claims for May
  2. Changes to the CJRS from July
  3. Use our?updated CJRS?templates?to?make?claiming?easier
  4. VAT deferral – join online by 21 June
  5. Where can I get further support?
  6. A word about scams

1. Submit your CJRS claims for May

Thank you if you have submitted your May furlough claims already. If you haven’t submitted them yet, you must do so by the deadline of Monday?? ?14?? ?June.

You can claim 80% of your furloughed employees’ usual wages for the hours not worked, up to a cap of £2,500 per month (these limits will also apply to claims for June).

You can claim before, during or after you process your payroll. If you can, it’s best to make a claim once you’re sure of the exact number of hours your employees worked, so you don’t have to amend your claim later.

Conditions of claiming CJRS grants

You must pay the associated employee tax and National Insurance contributions to HMRC. This is a condition of claiming the grant, and not doing so will mean you’ll need to repay the whole of the CJRS grant and you may not be able to claim future CJRS grants.  

If you are having difficulties paying any of your tax liabilities to HMRC, we can work with you to explore affordable payment options – for example, through a payment plan where you can pay overtime in instalments. To find out more, go to GOV??.UK and search ‘time to pay arrangement’.

Flexibly furloughing employees

If your business continues to be affected by coronavirus, you don’t need to place all your employees on full furlough. You can also use the CJRS flexibly if you bring your employees back to work for some of their usual hours. You can claim a portion of your employee’s usual wage costs for the hours spent on furlough only.

As a reminder, you must not claim under the CJRS for any hours that your employees work. We are carrying out compliance checks to identify error and fraud in claims.

What you need to do now

  1. Check if you’re eligible and work out how much you can claim using our CJRS calculator and examples, by searching ‘Job Retention Scheme’ on GOV??.UK.
  2. Submit any claims for May, no later than Monday?? ?14?? ?June.
  3. Keep records that support the amount of CJRS grants you claim, in case HMRC needs to check them.
  4. Make sure you’re paying employee tax and National Insurance contributions to HMRC and contact us if you’re struggling to pay.

2. Changes to the CJRS from July

The UK Government will continue to pay 80% of your furloughed employees’ usual wages for the hours not worked, up to a cap of £2,500 per month, to the end of June. In July, CJRS grants will cover 70% of employees’ usual wages for the hours not worked, up to a cap of £2,187.50. In August and September, this will then reduce to 60% of employees’ usual wages up to a cap of £1,875. You will need to pay the 10% difference in July, and 20% in August and September, so that you continue to pay your furloughed employees at least 80% of their usual wages for the hours they do not work during this time, up to a cap of £2,500 per month. For the hours not worked you can choose to top up your employees’ wages above the 80% level or cap for each month if you wish, at your own expense. To help you plan ahead for future claim periods, the CJRS calculator is available to help you work out how much you can claim for employees in June, July, August and September. To find this and everything you need to know about the CJRS, search ‘Job Retention Scheme’ on GOV??.UK.

3. Use our updated CJRS templates to make claiming easier   

We’ve updated our claims process for employers who have 16 or more employees, to make it easier to add their details. You can now use a template if you are claiming for between 16-99 employees, and another if you are claiming for 100 or more employees. You do not need to do anything differently if you were using our previous template to claim for 100 employees or more, and third-party software incorporating this will still work. You must enter all the information in the right format before uploading the completed template so that your claim is processed quickly and successfully.  We’ve updated the process to help you get your claim right first time and provide all the information needed, to ensure your claims aren’t delayed or stopped. For example, if you can’t provide a National Insurance number for an employee, you can now select a reason for this. If you make a mistake, the template will highlight it to help you put it right before you submit your claim. Mistakes that will be highlighted include:    

  • details input in the wrong format   
  • incorrect details 
  • duplicated or missing information.  

Please remember not to change the format of the template before you submit it, as that won’t be accepted by our system. You can find everything you need to help you make a claim by searching ‘claim for wages’ on GOV??.UK, including our updated templates, a useful calculator and guidance on the information you need to provide and in what format, to ensure your claim is accepted.

What to do if you’ve overclaimed 

Please do not enter negative numbers in the template. If you have overclaimed CJRS grants and you submit your claim using the template, you will need to calculate the overclaimed amount and enter this amount in the ‘overclaim’ box on your claim form. For more information on paying back grants, go to GOV??.UK and search ‘pay back Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’.

4. VAT deferral – join online by 21?? ?June

The VAT deferral new payment scheme is open for all businesses who deferred paying VAT due between 20 March?? ?and 30?? ?June 2020 and were unable to pay in full by 31 March?? ?2021.21?? ?June is the last day you can join this scheme. If you join by this date you can apply to spread these payments across up to eight instalments. You can join quickly and simply online without needing to call us. To find out more, including what you need to sign up for online, go to GOV???????????.UK and search ‘VAT deferral’. If you have deferred paying VAT, you may be charged a 5% penalty and/or interest if you do not join the VAT deferral new payment scheme by the deadline of 21?? ?June, pay in full by 30?? ?June, or get in touch with us to make an alternative arrangement to pay by 30?????? ?June?? ?2021. If you’re still unable to pay and need more time, please contact us – go to GOV?????.UK and search ‘if you cannot pay your tax bill on time’.

5. Where can I get further support?

Thousands of people have benefitted from our webinars, which offer information on the CJRS and other government support, and how they apply to you. To book online, or to view updated guidance, go to GOV??.UK and search ‘help and support if your business is affected by coronavirus’. If you’re booked on a webinar but can no longer attend, please cancel your place to allow space for others to register. There’s a list of monthly claims deadlines and a helpful step-by-step guide on GOV??.UK, summarising the latest information on the CJRS and the steps you need to take to make a claim – you can find these by searching ‘Job Retention Scheme step by step guide’. To find out what other financial support may be available for you and your business as part of the UK Government’s Plan for Jobs, search ‘find coronavirus financial support’ on GOV??.UK.

6. A word about scams We are aware of recent increases in scam phone calls, emails and texts. If someone contacts you or your employees claiming to be from HMRC saying that you owe tax and face arrest, are due a tax refund, that your National Insurance number has been compromised or asking you to transfer money or give bank details, it is likely to be a scam. Search GOV??.UK for our ‘scams checklist’ and to find out how to report tax scams. You can also access the National Cyber Security Centre’s new guide on how to stay secure online and protect yourself or your business against cybercrime by searching ‘Cyber Aware’.


Private providers of coronavirus (COVID-19) testing
Lists of and information about private providers who have self-declared that they meet the government’s minimum standards for the type of commercial COVID-19 testing service they offer – updated the general list of providers.

One Stockport Logo

By working in collaboration, Stockport can become united and encouraged to build a better future for everyone by supporting the local economy, connecting communities and promoting health & wellbeing. Find out more at www.onestockport.co.uk   


Attendance in education and early years settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
Attendance in education settings since Monday 23 March 2020 and early years settings since Thursday 16 April 2020 – added: Attendance in education and early years settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – 23 March 2020 to 28 May 2021.

General Qualifications Alternative Awarding Framework
Regulatory requirements for awarding organisations offering specific general qualifications in 2021 in the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.   

Consultation on guidance in relation to appeals under the GQAA framework in 2021
We are seeking views on the proposed guidance as part of the general qualifications alternative awarding framework.

Submission of teacher assessed grades, summer 2021: info for teachers
Information for heads of centre, heads of department and teachers on the submission of teacher assessed grades: summer 2021 – a clarification regarding the separate endorsements has been made for GCSE English and GCSE modern foreign languages spoken language, and A level biology, chemistry, physics and geology.


COVID-19: migrant health guide
Advice and guidance for healthcare practitioners on the health needs of migrant patients – added links to translated resources about COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting, and phase 2 of the vaccination programme.

Coronavirus and clinically extremely vulnerable people in England: 17 May to 22 May 2021
Analysis of clinically extremely vulnerable people in England during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including their behaviours and mental and physical well-being.    


Economies of ale: pubs in the time of COVID-19
More than a year ago, social restrictions were put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). This has affected businesses such as the Great British pub, which were forced to close. ONS analysis of business performance and confidence shows the impact of those closures and how confidence is just beginning to return to the industry.


Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for local government
Guidance for local councils during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – added links to: public health, schools and education, social care, testing, travel, vaccines, other.


Halifax: Price rises at seven-year high
Annual house price inflation is now at its strongest level in nearly seven years, says the Halifax House Price Index. The average UK property price has reached £261,743, a new record high. House prices have risen by 9.5 per cent over the past year, on a quarterly basis they are up 2.4 per cent, and month-on-month, prices have increased by 1.3 per cent. All UK regions, bar the North-East, saw an acceleration in year-on-year house price inflation last month. The strongest growth was in Wales, up 11.9 per cent annually, followed by the North-West and Yorkshire & Humber, both of which recorded 10 per cent-plus growth. 

“Very active” property market unlocks double digit growth for OnTheMarket
Property specialist OnTheMarket is “well positioned to succeed” after returning to profitability. In its results for the year ending January 31, 2021, the firm saw revenue increase by 22 per cent compared with the previous year. The group also generated a profit of £2.4m – a year-on-year increase of £11m, which the firm attributes to the growth of the property market following the initial lifting of restrictions in 2020.


Red, amber and green list rules for entering England
Countries rated as red, amber or green for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the rules you must follow to enter England – Portugal moved from green to amber list 4am, 8 June. Afghanistan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Trinidad and Tobago moved from amber to red list.


Applications for the Economic Recovery Fund ARG Localities Grant closed 31st May

Discretionary Grants summary:

As at 27/05/2021

  • Received: 2,845
  • Processed: 2,786 (98%)
  • Grants Funding Issued: £9,716,939

Stockport Council details of Government’s Restart Grant

The Restart Grant scheme supports businesses in the non-essential retail, hospitality, leisure, personal care and accommodation sectors with a one-off grant, to reopen safely as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Applications close on 30 June 2021

The Restart Grant will be split into two strands:
– Strand one will be for non-essential retail businesses that may be entitled to a one-off cash grant of up to £6,000.
– Strand two will be for hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym businesses that may be entitled to a one-off cash grant of up to £18,000.

Strand 1 Businesses that have a rateable value:

  • of £15,000 or less on 1 April 2021 will receive a payment of £2,667
  • between £15,001 and £50,999 on 1 April 2021 will receive a payment of £4,000
  • of £51,000 or more on 1 April 2021 will receive a payment of £6,000

Strand 2 Businesses that have a rateable value:

  • of £15,000 or less on 1 April 2021 will receive a payment of £8,000
  • between £15,001 and £50,999 on 1 April 2021 will receive a payment of £12,000
  • of £51,000 or more on 1 April 2021 will receive a payment of £18,000

Apply for a Restart Grant

Covid-19 Webinars:

Remote education webinars
How to access school-led webinars on remote education to help share good practice – new dates for webinars for teachers added.

Help and support if your business is affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)
Watch videos and register for the free webinars to learn more about the?support available to help you deal with the economic impacts of?coronavirus. The YouTube video for Self-Employment Income Support Scheme – Universal Credit and Child Benefit has been updated.

Make your workplace COVID-secure:

You can find recordings of webinars covering other types of workplace here


Coronavirus COVID-19 Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme:
Providing an overview of the scheme, this webinar looks at who can claim, when to start paying SSP, employees you can claim for, making a claim, keeping records, and more.  Choose a date and time to view webinar

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – How to make a claim:
This guides you through making a claim, including the essential information you need, what to do before you make your claim, calculating and processing your claim.
Choose a date and time

If you’ve missed any of HMRC’s live webinars, you can catch up  series of recorded webinars on HMRC’s YouTube channel – available at a time to suit you.

Brexit Webinars:

Exporting: Actions you need to take now: An overview of the actions you need to take now before you export goods from Great Britain to the EU and move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Key processes include – staged border controls, zero-rated VAT, customs declaration, using an intermediary as well as licences, certificates, and authorisations. Please register to take part if you’re planning to export.

Trader responsibilities when using an intermediary: You now need to complete import or export declarations to trade goods with the EU. These are complex and a lot of businesses choose to use an intermediary to do these for them. This webinar explains your responsibilities as a trader if you choose to use an intermediary. Please register to take part if you’re planning to import or export.

What are customs import declarations?: If you import goods, you now need to make customs import declarations on controlled goods and all goods by the end of June. This webinar will help you understand what they are in more detail. This includes what is needed for simplified declarations, supplementary declarations, how to make them, and delayed import declarations. Please register to take part if you’re planning to import.

Importing: Staged controls and how to prepare to use them: This webinar will walk you through the three stages of the new border controls introduced on 1?? ?January?? ?2021, and what actions you need to take for each stage. Please register to take part if you’re planning to import.

Twice weekly: EnterprisingYou

Finance support for the self-employed webinars For info about latest webinar date announcements please visit the website https://enterprising-you.co.uk/latest-news/


A series of courses to help businesses with transition from lockdown

Useful information and links:

Useful Government links for easing out of lockdown:

Coronavirus Roadmap out of lockdown – what and when?

From 29 March:

  • People will be allowed to meet outside, either with one other household or within the “rule of six”, including in private gardens
  • The stay at home rule will end, but the government will urge people to stay local as much as possible
  • Outdoor sport facilities will reopen, including golf courses and tennis and basketball courts, and formally organised outdoor sports can restart
  • Weddings attended by up to six people can take place in any circumstances

Stage two (no earlier than 12 April):

  • All shops allowed to open, along with close-contact services, including hairdressers and beauty salons (including in people’s homes)
  • Restaurants and pubs allowed to serve food and alcohol to customers sitting outdoors Gyms and spas can reopen, as can zoos, theme parks, libraries and community centres
  • Members of the same household can take a holiday in the UK in self-contained accommodation
  • Weddings attended by up to 15 people can take place

Stage three (no earlier than 17 May):

  • People can meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors
  • Six people or two households can meet indoors
  • Pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues can seat customers indoors
  • Up to 30 people can attend weddings or other life events, like christenings
  • Remaining outdoor entertainment, such as outdoor theatres and cinemas can open
  • Indoor entertainment such as museums, theatres, cinemas and children’s play areas can open
  • Performances and large events can restart, but with limits on audience numbers
  • Hotels, hostels and B&Bs can reopen
  • International leisure travel may resume
  • Adult indoor group sports and exercise classes can restart

Stage four (no earlier than 21 June):

  • All legal limits on social contact will be removed
  • No legal limits on the number of people who can attend weddings, funerals and other life events
  • Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen

Publishing information about your claimsIn January HMRC published the list of employers who claimed under the CJRS for periods from December onwards, on GOV???.UK.

Repayment period for Bounce Back Loans extended to ten years
Businesses that took out government Bounce Back loans to help them through the Coronavirus crisis now have more time to repay. Companies will be contacted with options to extend the length of the loan from six to 10 years as part of a new ‘pay-as-you-grow’ initiative. The new proposals give businesses three new options:

  1. Extending the length of the loan from six years to 10;
  2. Making interest-only payments for six months, then repaying the principal on a phased basis with other interest-only periods;
  3. Delaying repayments entirely for up to six months.

Check if your business is eligible for a coronavirus grant due to national restrictions (for closed businesses)

Check if your business is eligible for a coronavirus grant due to national restrictions (for closed businesses)

Check if your business is eligible for the coronavirus Closed Businesses Lockdown Payment

Check if you’re eligible for the coronavirus Additional Restrictions Grant

Check if your nightclub, dance hall or adult entertainment business is eligible for a coronavirus grant due to national restrictions

Check if you’re eligible for the coronavirus Local Restrictions Support Grant (for closed businesses)

Check if you’re eligible for the coronavirus Local Restrictions Support Grant (for open businesses)

Check if you’re eligible for the Christmas Support Payment for wet-led pubs

Financial support for businesses during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pay VAT deferred due to coronavirus (COVID-19)
Find out how to pay VAT payments deferred between 20 March and 30 June 2020.

Report an outbreak of Coronavirus in Stockport:https://www.stockport.gov.uk/coronavirus-in-stockport/report-a-coronavirus-outbreak

Coronavirus – Guidance for employees and employers in Stockport: https://www.stockport.gov.uk/guidance-for-employees-employers-and-businesses

COVID-19 Winter Plan
The government’s plan for managing COVID-19 through the end of 2020 and into the start of 2021.

Check which employees you can put on furlough to use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Find out which employees you can put on furlough and claim for through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Home workers can claim £26 tax relief for job expenses
If you’ve asked your employees to work from home, and you’ve not reimbursed them already, your employees may be entitled to claim tax relief on additional household expenses they’ve incurred, such as heating and lighting.

New hotline launched to report COVID fraudsters
A new hotline has been launched to stop fraudsters illegally targeting COVID stimulus schemes.

Full list of local COVID alert levels by area
The areas in England listed as local COVID alert level high and local COVID alert level very high.

Local COVID Alert Level Posters
A series of graphical posters displaying information about the Local COVID Alert Level.

If you would like to register your interest in creating one or more Kickstart Job, please complete the Kickstart Employer Enquiry Form and a member of the Council’s Kickstart Team will contact you to explain more.

Kickstart Scheme
The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create job placements for 16 to 24 year olds.

Kickstart Scheme terms and conditions
Kickstart Scheme terms and conditions for employers and gateways receiving the Kickstart Scheme grant from the Department for Work and Pensions.

Kickstart Scheme employer resources
If you’ve been offered Kickstart Scheme funding, you can use these resources to show your support for the scheme.

Kickstart Scheme employer contacts
List of regional contacts for employers applying for a grant through the Kickstart Scheme.

Apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant: 30 or more job placements
If you are an employer looking to create 30 or more jobs placements for young people, apply for funding as part of the Kickstart Scheme.

Apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant: 29 or less job placements
If you are an employer looking to create 29 or less jobs placements for young people, apply for funding as part of the Kickstart Scheme.

Self-Employment Income Support Scheme grant extension
Find out if you’re eligible and how much you can get.

Visit the Stockport Council website to report details of any outbreaks online.  https://www.stockport.gov.uk/coronavirus-in-stockport/report-a-coronavirus-outbreak

The SMBC website and produce a form for completion online if anyone wants to report an outbreak. The links are now live and are below:

Opening times for Stockport Council Coronavirus Helpline
The helpline for vulnerable people across Stockport can now be accessed through new opening times by calling 0161 217 6046:
• Monday – Thursday from 9am to 5pm
• Friday from 9am to 4.30pm
• Saturdays from 10am to 1pm
At busy times, residents are automatically offered a call-back from one of our call handlers.

Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do
Frequently asked questions on what you can and can’t do during the coronavirus outbreak – guidance updated in line with new regulations coming into force on 4 July.

New tools and resources available from Acas:
Redundancy letter templates
Redundancy process map 

Acas have also contributed to the development of a new return to work toolkit in partnership with SOM, CIPD, BITC and Mind.

Business Support in Stockport – a centre pool of information to support business owners in Stockport:

Government – Guidance on Returning to Work safely

Stockport Council’s FREE job matching website helps support employers with vacancies and individuals across the Stockport borough who are looking for work. The service, Stockport Jobs Match, will help to connect employers who have urgent temporary or permanent vacancies with applicants who are immediately available and in need of employment. The website also helps signpost individuals to available support services and information. www.stockport-jobsmatch.co.uk

Stockport Council – Health & Mental Well-being https://www.stockport.gov.uk/showcase/coronavirus 

Government – Financial Support
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – online claims portal open

Government – Business Support:
Government launches new coronavirus business support finder tool

Government – Business Support Hub:

Government – IT safety support:
Government Warnings Over Coronavirus Scams – Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Government – Financial Support:  
HMRC has published guidance on how it will work out income and profits for the self-employed or those in a partnership who have lost profits due to coronavirus. 
Government – Business Support: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-to-employers-and-businesses-about-covid-19

Government – Financial Support: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-on-business-support-grant-funding

Government – Business Support:

Gov.uk: Maintaining Educational Provision: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision

Business Growth Hub:
www.businessgrowthhub.com/coronavirus  https://www.businessgrowthhub.com/coronavirus/resources/2020/03/coronavirus-business-support-webinar-series

Employment – Useful information for the Self-Employed:

News and Guidance for the self-employed:
Concerned how Coronavirus might impact you and your business?
Please get in touch with Enterprising You and you will be connected to someone who can help.

You can also access information and guidance including the latest Government updates via www.businessgrowthhub.com/coronavirus

Can you claim back Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay in the Rebate SchemeFrom Tuesday 26 May 2020, small and medium-sized employers, with fewer than 250 employees, will be able to apply to recover the costs of paying coronavirus-related Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) payments they have made to their employees. Health updates:

Health – updates from NHS

Health – Dedicated helpline to support vulnerable residents in Stockport:
Support can be accessed by calling 0161 217 6046 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

Health – Dedicated health & wellbeing services:
24/7 mental health helpline & safe haven for anyone over the age of 18 in Stockport (0800 138 7276).

Health – An Emotional Wellbeing Hub which provides information, advice, and guidance for anyone up to the age of 25 for emotional wellbeing and mental health concerns. 0161 217 6028 – 8.30am-5pm Mon – Thurs 8.30am-4.30pm on Friday. 

Community – Guidance for businesses seeking to help voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
How businesses can offer services, funds and volunteers to civil society during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Find out more information here.



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