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A Totally Stockport BIG Day Out

When & Where

30 Sep 2017 - 30 Sep 2017
10am - 4pm

Stockport Town Centre - The Plaza, Merseyway, St Peter's Square and Market Place

A Totally Big Day Out

Totally Stockport’s next big Town Centre wide event is the Totally Big Day Out – A Big Day Out Totally packed with fun for all the family.  

Totally Stockport BIG Day Out

Totally Stockport BIG Day Out

Meet Mr Bloom at the Plaza – get your free tickets from The Plaza box office!
Doors open at 9am – curtains rise at 9.30
Mr Bloom and his Veggies 
10am – the True Colour Trolls Show 

A Market Festival – from 10am
Browse Stockport Market and ‘The Makers Market’ where you will be spoilt for choice – a selection of unique creatives, creators, makers, designers, producers, bakers, musicians & artists.

Vinyl Fair & Music Memorabilia – from 10am in Mersey Square 
Take a musical walk down memory lane and browse your favourite vinyl albums

Totally Family Fun Day Out in Merseyway – fashion shows from 11.15am and throughout the day
Fabulous Fashion Shows in Merseyway – famous brands take to the catwalk
Vinyl Fair in Merseyway – linger over a fantastic selection of music and memorabilia

St Peter’s Square – Jurassic Park opens at 10.45pm – events throughout the day
becomes ‘Jurassic Square’ at  – Visit Dino Park and meet Caveman, Stilt walkers and walkabout T Rex

Tasty Treats – an eclectic selection of food and drink from around the world

 Plus lots more for a Totally Great Big Day Out 

Mr Bloom and his Veggies star in a Totally Big Day Out at the Plaza

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