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Stockport’s Gigantic Leap Frog Art Trail

When & Where

24 Jul 2021 - 26 Sep 2021
All day

Stockport town centre

Stockport takes another Gigantic Leap forward

Remember the 2019 Stockport frogs?

This summer, Stockport’s Business Improvement District, Totally Stockport, has launched the Gigantic Leap Frog Art Trail. 

21 brand new, gigantic colourful frogs have hopped into the town centre for their summer holiday. Like the 2019 frog art trail, the frogs will be a popular addition attracting visitors, residents, and families of all ages to discover all 21 gigantic frogs on the trail.

And not only that, 17 of their One Stockport frog buddies are leaping into parks and shopping centres across the whole borough. 

Pick up your Gigantic Frog Art Trail from shops and businesses including in Merseyway (next  to Waterstones), from the Holiday Inn Express, libraries and the Light cinema. 

OR download your map HERE 

All 21 frogs on the trail will stay in the town centre until 26th September before hopping off to auction sometime in October. All proceeds of the auction are being donated to St Ann’s Hospice who are this year celebrating the 50th anniversary.

You can keep up to date with their journey at www.stockportfrogs.co.uk  

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