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Follow the Augmented Reality Fruit Trail in Stockport town centre

When & Where

30 Aug 2021 - 30 Sep 2021
All day

Stockport town centre - various locations

Discover our new Virtual Stockport Fruit Trail, available from 30th August to 30th September  

Ollie Orange and his virtual fruit friends are in town for a month including visiting Stockport’s Food & Drink Festival (3-5 September), but they ran out of juice so now they’re lost and need your help! There are 7 fun augmented reality characters to find, simply follow our fruit route using the GPS enabled map in this app and see if you can collect each one. We hope you have a berry good time!

Use this exciting app to enjoy and explore seasonal augmented reality trails across Stockport town centre and meet some fun virtual characters. Our trails have been designed for you to discover the town centre in a safe and socially-distanced way. We hope you have a wonderful time!

Download the Virtually Stockport App from The App Store / The Android Store on Google Play

How to follow the Fruit Trail on the App

The virtual characters are shown on the map – once you’ve found a character and ‘collected’ it, it will be shown on the map.
If for some reason your location is not found, after a short duration an alternative method for capturing the character will be presented.

To ‘collect’ each virtual character, make sure you capture a photo of them with the camera button. If you are having trouble triggering a character, reposition yourself to a more open area or close and restart the app. Please note that augmented reality is more effective in daylight. Please share your experiences on social media using the following tags: #stockportfruittrail

Look out for all 7 fruit characters – Amy Apple, Penny Pineapple, Grape Mates, Bertie Banana, Sassy Strawberry, The Pear Posse and Ollie Orange

Use the GPS enabled map in the app to find and capture all the virtual characters you meet along the trail. This application uses an internet/data connection to download map data and make use of GPS to help you find your location on the trail route. The app will attempt to use as little data as possible. Please ensure you have the bill-payers permission before using this app. There are no in-app purchases.

No personal data will be stored or shared, so any use of the app is completely private and it is up to you if you want to share any photos you capture via social media. 

Please ensure you adhere to the current government COVID-19 guidance when using this app out and about in the town centre. Please be aware of others around you, exercise caution regarding the safety of your mobile phone device and, when engaging with the augmented reality characters, make sure you retain your distance from other participants and be aware of road safety and the potential slips, trips and falls when observing content on your mobile device. 

Please use the app safely:

Use augmented reality responsibly. Children! Please ensure you are supervised by an adult whilst using this app. Get them to help you. Adults! Ensure that children are safe using augmented reality and that the space is free of hazards. Watch out for those around you and the user, make sure the device is held securely and be aware of any tripping hazards, other people, or obstacles when moving.

If you enjoyed this app, brought to you by Totally Stockport, please rate and review on the app stores. Keep your eyes peeled for new trails on the Virtually Stockport app. 

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