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BID Brochure

Following a successful ballot in October 2016, Stockport’s BID is now ‘live’ and will operate in the town centre from 1st April 2017 for a minimum period of 5 years. 

                                                   The BID Brochure Business Plan

The BID Business Plan August 2016

The BID Business Plan August 2016

Please download a copy of the BID’s Original Business Plan 

Businesses within the BID area – please download the BID area map for reference – with an annual rateable value of £10,000+ (as of 2010) will now be in receipt of their BID annual levy bill. This bill / invoice is payable by return to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council who have been commissioned by Stockport Business Improvement District Limited – the BID company – to collect the BID payments on their behalf.

Please find below documents and links relating to Totally Stockport’s news, projects and events, latest first: 

March 2022:

Totally Stockport Magazine – issue 16

The latest issue of Totally Stockport magazine includes news from around the town, new openings, spring fashion and what’s on – including the fantastic Comic Con festival taking place on May 21st – Download your copy HERE

February 2022:

BID Business Bulletin

A summary of activities and events delivered by Totally Stockport – download your copy HERE

Statement of Income & Expenditure 2021 / 2022

Download your copy HERE

December 2021:

Totally Stockport Magazine December 2021

An news update from around the town centre and a guide to events activities in December and Christmas 2021 – download your copy HERE

22nd October 2021:

Stockport’s Business Improvement District (BID) company’s ambition to deliver a second BID and £2.4 million plan of investment has won support from town centre businesses.

Declared this morning, October 22nd, by Deputy Counting Officer Vicki Bates from Stockport Council, Stockport’s BID – Totally Stockport – secured an 89.6% yes on votes cast representing 97% based on rateable value of votes cast by hereditaments.

Stockport Business Improvement District (BID) – Declaration of Result:

Local Government Act 2004 Business Improvement Districts (England) Regulations 2004.
The following statement is issued by UK Engage following the Stockport Business Improvement District (BID) Ballot:

“As an agent of the ballot holder for the Stockport Business Improvement District (BID) Ballot I certify as follows:

  • Total number of votes cast in the ballot, excluding any given on ballot papers rejected: 125
  • Aggregate rateable value of each hereditament in respect of which a person voted in the ballot: £8,663,750
  • Total number of votes cast in favour of the renewal of the Stockport Business Improvement District: 112
  • Aggregate rateable value of each hereditament in respect of which a person voting in the ballot has voted in favour of the Stockport Business Improvement District: £8,396,000

Report on turnout: 
– 125 returns were received representing an overall turnout of 25.72%
The total number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:
– 0 unsigned, 0 unmarked, 3 void for uncertainty”

Stockport Business Improvement District Business Plan – 1st April 2022 to March 31st 2027

Totally Stockport, the team behind Stockport’s inaugural and current town centre Business Improvement District, have launched the Business Plan for a new Business Improvement District.

The 5-year term for the current Business Improvement District will end on 31st March 2022. Subject to a successful ballot, the new BID will begin in April 2022 for a new 5-year term.  Download the Business Plan HERE

BID Business Bulletin – October 2020

Coronavirus: June 2020 – Your Back to Business safety pack

To help businesses welcome back customers and prepare to reopen safely, Totally Stockport produced a ‘Back to Business’ pack containing floor tape, hand wipes, hand sanitiser, window stickers, posters and an 8 page guide. 
The Guide can be downloaded Social Distance_GuideBooklet_A5 
Every business must undertake a Risk Assessment prior to opening and be able to demonstrate that it has been carried out in full
Risk Assessment template

Statement of Income & Expenditure 19/20

Business Bulletin Jan 2020 

An update on BID Activities, a look ahead to 2020 and a review of events in late summer and Autumn 2019

BID Business Bulletin – August 2019

Find what the team at Totally Stockport have been doing to promote your business and the great events and developments taking place to ensure Stockport is a town we can all be proud of:


AGM: Monday 29th April 2019:

1. 2018/19 Over View & 2019/20 Plans

A detailed Overview of the BID was presented by the Chair – Mike Lamont at the AGM.  This included the history of the BID, where, why, how it began and an overview of activities and projects of 2018/19 and plans for 2019/20.  A copy of the Slide Show presentation is available 
AGM slides (1)

2. Election of new Directors for whom nominations have been received:

The Following board members stood down, as per the BID governance, and applied for re-election. Biographies available:
Anthony Jones 
Stuart Broadbelt 

The following candidates applied for election to the BID Board.  Biographies available: 
Alan Gent
Karen Barker
Andrew Ayres

The Chair collected and counted the votes. Anthony Jones, Stuart Broadbelt, Alan Gent, Karen Barker won the majority of votes and therefore will form part of the new Board. Mike Lamont thanked all candidates for their applications.

AGM Minutes 2019


Business Bulletin April 2019

Find out how the team at Totally Stockport have been working to support you and your business


Business Briefing – April 2019 

Find about Business Matters that effect you. Featuring guest speakers from CBRE and Stockport Council discussing:

Capital Allowances, business rates, business rates relief and how to appeal your assessment


Statement of Income and Expenditure leaflet_2018_2019

The BID Board are working to deliver the aims and objectives as set out in the original Business Plan, available to view on the Totally Stockport website, covering Customer Experience, Marketing and Business. This is the Statement of income and expenditure 2018/2019


BID Business Bulletin October 2018

In October, Totally Stockport launched The BID Business Bulletin, a monthly publication emailed out to BID lefy payers and member businesses within the BID eve area of Stockport town centre

BID News Bulletin October 2018

BID News Bulletin October 2018


Business Watch October 2018

Business Watch operates in a similar way to Neighbourhood Watch. Totally Stockport is working with our partners at Stockport Council and Greater Manchester  Police – GMP – to reduce criminal activities in the area. Get involved at our monthly meetings, share information and prevent crime.

A separate group – Business Watch Licensee Group – also meets monthly.

Next Business Watch meetings: 
Tuesday 23rd October | 10am | Light cinema
Tuesday 27th November | 10am | Light cinema

Next Business Watch Licensee Group meetings: 
Tuesday 23rd October | 2pm | Totally Stockport BID office, 15 Great Underbank (opposite NatWest bank)
Tuesday 27th November | 2pm | Totally Stockport BID office, 15 Great Underbank (opposite NatWest bank)

Business Watch October 2018

Business Watch October 2018

Stockport Storenet Radio

Town Centre Security is at the top of Totally Stockport’s agenda and providing a more secure and safer town centre for everyone is a priority for your BID team at Totally Stockport.

Security officers, the Business Watch Scheme and Storenet radio are three of the steps we are taking. Totally Stockport are paying 50% of the cost of Storenent Radio and we urge retailers to sign up to the scheme now. 

Download Stockport Storenet Radio information       Storenet Radio Direct Debit form

BID membership form

If you have a business within the BID area and are interested in having your say in what you would like to see happening in the BID area, join Totally Stockport. Please download and complete the form below.


BID Business Survey – June 2018

BID Business Survey

The BID Board and their team at Totally Stockport are committed to work with the BID levy payers and partners to deliver a sustainable, successful and vibrant town centre for everyone. Part of the BID’s remit is to boost new business opportunities, attract more shoppers and encourage increased numbers of visitors who visit more frequently.

But, it is your BID and it is vital that all the BID levy payers are involved too. We need to know what is important to you and have produced the BID Business Survey giving you an opportunity to have your say!

The current five-year BID term comes to an end in March 2022 and consequently we need to confirm with you that the BID is focusing on your requirements. This questionnaire will help us to do this.

This is hugely important; please spare a few minutes of your time to complete it. Naturally all responses will be kept entirely confidential and not shared individually with others.

If you would like to discuss your views and complete the survey form with a member of the Stockport BID team please contact the BID office on 0161 244 9896, or via email at info@totallystockport.co.ukand we will arrange a meeting with you.

BID_Business Survey – Future

BID Levy Payers Update – February 2018 

Looking back at how Totally Stockport is working for you, what we have achieved in our first year and what Totally Stockport has planned to help make your town centre a more attractive location, for everyone.

BID levy Payers Update

Download the BID Payer Update

Statement of Income & Expenditure 2017/18 – March 2018

A report on where and how the BID Levy funds have been allocated in year 1 

Statement of Income & Expenditure 2017/18

Download the Statement of Income & Expenditure 

Customer Services Programmelaunched April 2018

 Customer Service Awards

Customer Service Awards

Customer Services Awards Programme                               

High on Totally Stockport’s priorities is to improve the customer’s experience when they visit Stockport town centre. Great customer service is key to ensuring that your customers have a great experience, whether shopping, doing business, eating and drinking, being pampered or visiting for pleasure.

That is why we are introducing the Totally Stockport Customer Service Awards, to help you and your colleagues consistently deliver excellent customer service. Over a period of four months, we will work with you, to identify what you are great at and, through the provision of FREE workshops, ensure we help you to change good service to great service!

We have recruited Chris Lowe to run the Customer Services Awards on our behalf. Chris is an expert in helping businesses deliver excellent customer service that outwits their competitors, builds customer loyalty and encourages repeat business. Happy customers = healthy profits. 

In the first phase, we are looking to work with 17 businesses. Over a four-month period we are only asking for one day of your time but, during that time, will deliver a whole 4-month programme culminating in a monthly winner, an overall group winner after 4 months and the chance to be crowned the annual Customer Service Award winner!

Remember it costs nothing but could see you make bigger profits. Please contact me for more information: paul.taylor@totallystockport.co.uk or call 0161 244 9896.

For more information – Customer Service Awards Brochure


BID Brochure – Totally Stockport – Totally Working for You

Totally Working for You - August 2017

Totally Working for You – August 2017

Totally Working for You – Find out about what the BID team at Totally Stockport and our Steering Groups have been doing for you.

                                                                  Totally Stockport App

The Totally Stockport App

  The Totally Stockport App

Promote your business on the Totally Stockport App. Read about it on the App offers card, send us your offers and we will promote them for you – paul.taylor@totallystockport.co.uk 

Totally Stockport App

Totally Stockport App

                  Letter to BID Levy Payers to accompany Totally Stockport Value Mailer 

Totally Stockport - value from your BID

Totally Stockport – value from your BID

Download your Totally Stockport Value Mailer letter to Bid Levy payers 

                              Meercat Joint Procurement Scheme – saving you money!

Totally Stockport have initiated the Meercat Joint Procurement scheme to save businesses money

Totally Stockport have initiated the Meercat Joint Procurement scheme to save businesses money

Totally Stockport are working with Meercat Associates to save you and your business money by jointly procuring a number of goods and services common to most businesses. From Parking to Print and from the cost of your electricity to mobile communications, by buying through Meercat, we can save you money. Find out more by downloading the Meerkat Brochure


January 30th 2018 
– Totally Stockport – keeping you safe with the new Safety Card 

Look out for the NEW Safer Stockport card – coming through your door soon.
A handy list of all the numbers you may need in an emergency

Safer Stockport card

Safer Stockport card


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Cheshire Independent P1_v2















    Total visits this period:


    Busiest time of the day:

    12.00 - 13.00

    Average dwell time:

    141 mins

    Average visits per day:


    (Provided by Sept 2021 research)